The visual boy advance (VBA) has indeed seen better days. With the release of DSMUME and other similar emulators the VBA has become obsolete. However, it still thrives in certain cult circles and if you just so happen to be a part of such a circle and are looking for a quick tutorial to the emulator then look no further, for I am here to serve just that purpose.

Step 1: Well first you need to download the emulator from the internet. Here are some links to sites that allow you to do just that;

Step 2: Install or extract the file that you get into a folder of your choosing

Step 3: Go into that folder and double-click on the “Visual Boy Advance” icon to open the emulator which should look something like this:

Step 4: Go to options ==è Input =è Set ==è Configure 1 and input the buttons you want to use for the games.

Step 5: Download the roms for the games you want to play from one of these sites;

Step 6: Go to your emulator click file =è open to bring up a window. Navigate to the place where you kept the downloaded roms and double click the one you want to play

Step 7: Enjoy the game J
Step 8: Save state using Shift+F1, F2…F9
Step 9: Using just F1, F2….F9

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