System Requirements
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or greater.
  • 286 or better.
  • 512 KB RAM.
  • 8.5 MB Hard drive space.
  • VGA.
  • Thunderboard Pro Aud Spectrum, AdLib, Roland MT-32/LAPC-1/CM-32L or SoundBlaster.
  • Mouse.

The Gens emulator is by far the best emulator to play all the classic Sega CD rom games.

This tutorial will guide you in setting up your very own GENS and get it to actually work. There are a lot of aspects of the emulator that aren’t really integral to actually run the games so well leave that for later. Now, all that we aim for is getting it to work, properly.

Step 1: Download the necessary files

Download the emulator here:, it will be in a zip file. Next, create a folder and name it Gens Emulator and unzip the downloaded emulator into this newly created folder.

You will also need to download the Sega CD bios file which you can find just by googling around a bit.

Next, create a subfolder in the Gens Emulator folder and name it as ‘Games’. This is where you will keep all your Gens roms.

Speaking of roms, download them from here and put them into sub folder ‘games’. Don’t worry because they are in zip files, the emulator has a mechanism that allows it to read zip files so you don’t really need to extract them.

Step 2 : Setting up the emulator

First thing you will want to do is change the control settings to your liking. If, however, you like the preset ones then that’s fine too, either way the controls are incredibly straight forward and take little to no time to get used to. The preset controls are as follows;

he default keys are:

        Player 1            Player 2


    Up        UP        Up        Y

    Down        DOWN        Down        H

    Left        LEFT        Left        G

    right        RIGHT        Right        J

    A        A        A        K

    B        S        B        L

    C        D        C        ?

    X        Z        X        I

    Y        X        X        O

    Z        C        Z        P

    Start        Return        Start        U

    Mode        RShift        Mode        T
To change these settings go to options è joypads

Something like this should pop up;

From here click the redefine keys besides ‘player 1’ to adjust the primary control keys.

Next , to adjust the screen size go to Graphics render and pick a choice that suits you well. You should try out all the choices to see what you prefer and what your pc can handle.

Then you will want to choose the BIOS you want to use, to do that go to options è misc/Bios Files. The BIOS selector should be on the right hand side so just go there and pick out the BIOS that you acquired.

Step 3: Loading the game
Finally, to play the game go to file èopen rom. A window should pop up and you can use that window to navigate to the Games folder. Once there just double click on the ROM of the game you want to play to start playing it. Enjoy

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