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Since all our posts are about consoles and emulation we decided to make a jailbreaking tutorial for PS4, it is very useful to have a tutorial to show to jailbreak the PlayStation 4 on Ver. 3.00 (Beta) or newer firmware! This means that it will work on all versions above 3.0.

About 3 days back there was a video showing how the PS4 is being jailbreaked using the team “tEaM wOrLd kZ” method but the video is already removed from youtube for violating the tos.

CUH-1000 Untested
CUH-1200 Working
CUH-2000 Working

Everything later than model CUH-2000 (eg CUH-7000) is not suitable to jailbreak.

This tutorial shows you how to jailbreak your PS4 and install custum firmware created by third parties (tEaM wOrLd kZ) and not by the manufacturer itself. Doing this may remove warranty and might get you banned from the PlayStation Network if you try to play online with pirated games. Use at own risk.

Download CFW v1.0 (tEaM wOrLd kZ) Downgrade/Jailbreak for playing copied PS4 games from HDD.

How do you jailbreak the PS4 (tested on firmware v4.74)

Step 1: Put a USB stick in the computer
Step 2: Create a folder folder in the root (source) of the USB stick called PS4
Step 3: Create a folder in the PS4 folder called UPDATE
Step 4: Download
Step 5: Unzip to PS4UPDATE.PUP
Step 6: Move PS4UPDATE.PUP to the folder UPDATE you just created on the USB stick
Step 7: Put the USB stick in the PS4
Step 8: Boot your PS4
Step 9: Choose Update System Software
Step 10: After a few miniuets and a few restarts, your PS4 will have its firmware changed to the custom one.
Step 11: Your PS4 is now jailbreaked!

Please note: We can unfortunately provide little support for jailbreaking your PS4, because our priority lies with emulators. However, We give the necessary manuals, because this cannot go so very wrong.

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