The twenty games of the Sony PlayStation Classic run on the PCSX Reloaded emulator for ARM systems. This is open source software that emulates the PlayStation 1, which has been in development since 2010.

In The PlayStation Classic menu you find a list of licenses, including one for using the PCSX ReARMed emulator, Kotaku saw his review of the compact retro game computer. PCSX ReARMed is a fork of the PCSX Reloaded emulator, which in turn is a continuation of the PCSX software, which appeared in 2000 for the first time.

Is not known or, and if so what modifications Sony has made to the emulator. Probably Sony chose the emulator because of its ease. The PlayStation Portable already got an emulator for the PlayStation 1; That was developed by Sony itself, but the PSP had a MIPS R4000 processor instead of an ARM-soc. This emulator also brought the necessary complexity, wrote Eurogamer in 2007. The software used to dynamically adjust the clock speed of the MIPS-CPU and allowed the chip to run at 333MHz on complex tasks, while the standard clock speed was 222MHz.

Frank Cifaldi of points out that Sony tried to get a PlayStation emulator from the market nineteen years ago. Legally, it did not succeed, but this goal was achieved by purchasing the emulator. “Now they are happy to use an open source emulator for their own products. We’ve come a long way! “

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