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25 Responses to “PCSX2 Full Speed (PS2 Emulator) 60 FPS Windows 7 system requirements”

  1. Franco Rottier

    how to play using a ps3 controller would it work on this or i have to look
    for a different video ?

  2. Demonic Akumi

    Why is it you got loud obnoxious dubstep music playing in the beginning
    which forces me to lower my volume but then when I skip the into to get to
    you talking I need to blast my volume to hear anything you’re saying…?

  3. Christian UM

    For me, these settings didn’t help. Still got 30 FPS, although I actually
    thought this would help. But thanks anyway.

  4. johnlery dupaya

    i am using a laptop. but the problem is, there is no video but the sounds
    is working

    my cpu is Intel Atom N570(1.66ghz, 1mb L2 cache)

    can you help me with this problem huh?

  5. Bloong10

    Fuck off you just crush my Emulator i can not play any games,fuck off .i.

  6. Kenny Doss

    i followed your vid games still run slow so i dont loaded the other stuff
    but it did nothing i think im missing a step can u help?

  7. ChesterJD Allen

    I think ill try and make a video but a lot of testing first, ill post when
    i’m done. tried to speed up 1.3.0 and got pretty damn good, i’ll try on
    1.0.0, wish me luck.

  8. Renarld Sanganoo

    pcsx2 help is irie, but could not understand shit man speak up !!!! OR WERE
    YOU SICK !

  9. TheElam18

    had to comment, i had 35 fps and now i have 55fps it did help by alot thx

  10. ChesterJD Allen

    way better than 1.3.0 on gt4 still pauses but gives you better time and
    maybe it can be figured out but no one can do that can they, JUST ADMIT IT,

  11. ace zander

    can i use my ps2 DVD instead of downloading the games online?
    because my internet connection is very slow 

  12. Mac Gyver

    Thanks, especially for the links above. I use default setting from the app,
    but it runs smoothly on my PC, with spec:
    – i5 2500K
    – 8gb RAM
    – VGA NVidia GT430 1gb
    …and it’s awesome, thanks again.

  13. Elriz Adriatico

    Can I run FF XII at 60 fps with i3 3210 and radeon hd 7670m(laptop)?

  14. burst

    dave420ftc All i can say is he may need to fix hes voice,and you need to
    earn some more grammar son you write like shit.


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