Newgrounds, a website that deals with the provision of Flash games, is working on an emulator to emulate Flash content. The emulator becomes open source and must ensure that Flash continues to work on the web.

The provider of Flash games made the news itself known on its forum, after rumours were published about it. The emulator is called Ruffle, and must ensure that Flash content can continue to be played as soon as Adobe pulls out the plug; The software has been the End Of Life status for a while. This means that websites that offer Flash-based games or animations should look for an alternative.

With Ruffle, Newgrounds thinks to keep Flash content usable. The emulator, written at rest, also gets a browser plugin that automatically recognizes Flash content on websites and it can automatically replace the code with Ruffle. Interested parties can follow the development of the software on the corresponding website, and there is also a demo. Users can upload their own. swf files to let it run on Ruffle.

Flash has been out of favor on the web for some time, especially due to security issues and new technologies like HTML5. Large browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari no longer have Flash enabled by default.

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