• Processor Type
  • Min RAM Size
    16 MB


  • Disk
    60 MB
  • RAM
    16 MB
  • CPU

The Intellvision was part of the golden age of gaming along with Atari and Collcovision.

The age was brief and short lived (due to the fall of the gaming industry in the 1980’s) however, it delivered some good games and some great classics that are still popular in certain circles.

So, if you just happen to be in some of these circles or just happen to pass by while looking for something interesting then look no further because this is the tutorial guide to the Nostalgia emulator and it will ensure that by the end of the last line this tutorial you will be able to emulate the intellevision using the Nostalgia emulator.

In order to play the games you need to get the emulator download it’s zip file.

Next, you will need some games so go to and download the roms of the ones you like and want to play.

Now, create a new folder, name it Nostalgia and create a new sub folder within it. Name that sub folder as Games (you will keep all your games/roms in this one folder).



Step 2: Setting up the emulator

Extract the downloaded emulator into the Nostalgia folder. Navigate to that folder and double click nostalgia.exe to open the emulator. You will see something like this in a few seconds

Now that is the emulator and I know that it looks incredibly technical trust me, it is everything but.

First we will need to set up the buttons with which you will control in game actions. Navigate to Tools è Controller Config and configure the keyboard keys you want to use to control in game actions.

Here, as you can see, many keyboard inputs for the same button can be used and if you take notice to the bottom of the image you will see that there is an optionand a drop down menu using which you can select a joystick to use. What this basically does is detects all the controllers that are attached to the pc and lists them. You just double click

Next, go to tools è Settings. Once there you will be able to look for the type of resolution that is appropriate for your PC. Know that this option has a different ‘right’ choice for different PC’s so I suggest you tweak around the resolutions a bit to see which choice goes well with yours’.

At settings you will also mute the sound and choose what format the screen shots would come in once saved.

Step 3: Playing the game

Now that we are done with all the technical part of setting up this wondrous piece of software, it’s time we took it out for a spin. Click File è Load file and navigate to the Games folder where you have kept all your game ROMs. Then double click the roms of the game you want to play and start enjoying the magic of the golden generation of gaming.

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